Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Highly Responsive, Cost Effective and Tailored Solutions

Whether you are faced with an allegation of fraud or other misconduct, involved in a dispute with a third party, or seeking to strategically manage risk so your business can thrive, we have the skills and experience to help.

Services Include

  • Forensic investigations related to suspected fraud and other misconduct such as misappropriation of assets, accounting irregularities, or regulatory noncompliance
  • Financial analysis and expert testimony related to disputes such as those arising from contracts, shareholder agreements, or mergers and acquisitions
  • Advisory services related to fraud prevention and detection programs
  • Anti-bribery and corruption compliance and investigations
  • Strategic compliance risk management
  • Project management during crises or remediation efforts

We combine our years of experience with a small firm setting to provide highly responsive, cost effective and tailored solutions to help you move forward and achieve your strategic objectives.


Over nearly three decades of client service, Bob Gallagher has been delivering high quality forensic accounting and investigation services.

During this time, Bob has:

  • Led many complex internal investigations involving accounting fraud, asset misappropriation, and other types of fraud and regulatory matters.  Led teams of forensic accountants, computer forensics specialists, and forensic data analysts in the identification, collection, and analysis of large volumes of complex documents, data and other electronically stored information
  • Provided forensic accounting and financial analysis to companies and legal counsel involved in commercial disputes, including extensive experience with purchase price adjustments, earn-outs, and other post-merger disputes. Services included investigating and analyzing proposed adjustments, drafting arbitration briefs supporting the company’s positions, acting as an expert witness, or serving as neutral accounting arbitrator/expert.
  • Helped multi-national clients develop and implement anti-bribery and corruption compliance programs, including designing and delivering training, conducting investigations, performing internal audits and compliance assessments, and conducting pre and post-acquisition anti-corruption due diligence.
  • As a big four partner, frequently worked with the firm’s audit teams to evaluate clients’ response to allegations of fraud and misconduct including internal investigations conducted by outside counsel and/or forensic accountants.