A key part of the DNA of a nonprofit is its dedication to its cause and the people it serves. At Gallagher Advisory Services, we are equally dedicated to helping nonprofits fulfill their mission through effective financial management.

Sound financial practices enable a nonprofit to be an effective steward of financial assets, accountable to its stakeholders, and most importantly able to better serve its community.

To fulfill its mission, a nonprofit must have access to financial information and analysis with the ability to clearly and confidently communicate that information to its stakeholders.  Additionally, the capability to access and analyze financial data will enable you to quickly evaluate and pursue growth opportunities such as new grants, earned revenue streams and strategic partnerships.

Nonprofits must also be prepared to respond to unplanned events, so they can avoid being caught off guard and can effectively mitigate negative consequences.  Examples of such events include, allegations of fraud or mismanagement, sudden departures of key finance personnel, disputes with third parties, loss of funding and other crises.

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